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Forex Trading Surging In 2009

Forex Trading is becoming more and more popular. New figures show that the uptrend continues in 2009, despite the recent stock market recovery.  

For forex traders, it’s trivial that there is a currency that always goes up. There is no “bear” market – but always a bullish market. You just have to go with the bull and against the bear…

But many people prefer putting their money is solid investments or in the stock market.  Well, solid investments give give very small yields. Interest rates around the world have fell face down to the earth.  

Another solid investment type – real estate, has also proved very non lucrative. Prices of houses have plunged since the beginning of the crisis. In fact, the housing bubble began this crisis and hit the financial system quite badly.

Stock markets

The stock markets have also gone down since the crisis broke out. Most people don’t make “shorts” on stocks but just buy them. When stocks go down and further down, they become unattractive.

With no good solid investments and a bearish stock market, forex became very attractive. Read more about it here: Forex Trading Getting the Deserved Attention.

Now in the past 6-7 weeks, stock markets around the world have been rallying. Small signs of recovery and good results from banks sent stocks upwards, and even quite steadily.

Does this turn money away from forex? Not at all.

1. The Forex Blog brings new and recent data about forex trading recently. Well, it has risen very nicely:

 “Volumes on dbFX, the online retail trading platform from Deutsche Bank, increased 37% in the first quarter of 2009 from the same period a year earlier

2. Another source to the rising popularity of forex trading can be found on the Internet: Google Trends shows us that there’s a steady growth in searches for forex. Also similar terms enjoy this growth.

So, with all the risk involved in forex trading, it enjoys growing popularity.

It’s great to be on the wave…

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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