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NetDania presents small features that make a difference

Netdania,  a provider of charts for forex and for other instruments, made a few small upgrades to the interface, that are quite useful.

One  useful change is highlighting the current price in on the right hand side, with a red square. This small square makes reading the charts more comfortable.

NetDania FinanceChart

The second significant change is that the chart “remembers” your previous choice of zooming and time frame when changing from one instrument to another. For example, if I select a 30 minute time frame for seeing the effect of an event that happened at 9:30 GMT in Britain, and then I switch from GBP/USD to EUR/USD, the time frame is saved. Also quite efficient.

Here’s my previous post about NetDania.

I asked the guys at NetDania about additional changes, and here’s a list of features in FinanceChart and ChartStation for  your observation:

1. Templates

The users have the possibility to define templates which can be applied for new charts or for a selected chart.

A Chart Template defines the specific layout settings for a single chart.

It includes:

– Chart Type

– Time Scale

– Periods (number of visible quotes in chart)

– Expand points

– List of studies and their parameters

2. Popup messages (will be released in the near future)

NetDania applets give the possibility to display popup messages to the users when they open the application.

There are two types of messages that can be published in the applets:

– marketing messages: are used to advertise the new applications features or any other kind of advertisement.

– support messages: can be used to inform the users about the problems that may appear in the system or about the solving of   those problems.

The messages are published in a HTML format, using a web interface.

3. Lookup

This feature allows the user to find easier an instrument to be displayed. The search is performed based on the instrument name. This feature will display, in alphabetical order, the instruments whose names start with the typed letters. Beside the instrument names, the lookup results will also include details about the market and instrument type.

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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