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Askobid and Currensee Partner in Europe

Currensee, the forex social network, expands its presence in Europe with a significant partnership with Askobid – a fast growing European broker. Askobid will allow its clients to join Currensee’s trade leader program – enabling following of trade leaders and automatically  executing  trades.

Askobid is based in Cyprus and has clients in Europe and also in Asia. Currensee’s Trade Leaders program offers traders to allocate money to top traders – cherry picked and monitored daily for both performance and risk. Want to join the program? Start here.

Here are more details about this partnership:

Currensee Continues European Expansion through Askobid Partnership

European Foreign Exchange Investors to Benefit from Trade Leaders Investment Program

BOSTON, Dec. 14, 2010 –  Currensee Inc.,  www.currensee.com, the new way to invest in world currency markets, today announced a Trade Leadersâ„¢ Investment Program partnership with one of Europe’s fastest growing foreign currency brokers, Askobid. Through the partnership, Askobid customers can now follow and automatically execute the trades of  some of the most successful foreign exchange (Forex) traders, called Trade Leaders (www.currensee.com/leaderboard), from the Currensee Forex trading social network. Launched in October 2010, the Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program is designed to make Forex trading more accessible and profitable for a wide audience of private investors without the need for specific expertise in foreign currency trading.

“Through partnerships with some of Europe’s finest brokers and banks, such as Askobid, we continue to feed the momentum that the Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program has built since launch,” said Dave Lemont, CEO of Currensee. “It’s clear that the combination of our robust real-time trade and performance metrics and full account control delivers the confidence and credibility that investors require.”

Askobid, a cutting-edge MT4 broker, is based in Cyprus and growing rapidly across Europe and Asia. The Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program enables Askobid to offer its customers the ability to create an automated portfolio of top performing Trade Leaders and replicate its successes when the Trade Leaders trade.

“The Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program provides our customers an excellent opportunity to accelerate their success in the currency markets through a unique new way to automatically execute trades from top traders from around the world,”  said Mark Leigh, education director of Askobid. “Our partnership with Currensee reflects our belief that proven performance and success, coupled with the right technology, gives traders and investors an advantage in the dynamic foreign exchange market.”

Currensee Trade Leaders are carefully selected from the more than 7,000-member Currensee Forex trading social network, which trades more than $50 billion in volume annually. Trade Leaders are carefully screened for historical performance, risk management and returns versus the S&P 500. Investors select and follow the Trade Leaders they want to invest in, add them to their portfolio and Currensee automatically executes the Trade Leaders’ trades in the investor’s account.

About Currensee
Currensee.com puts the power of investing in world currency markets in the hands of every investor. With the Currensee Trade Leadersâ„¢ Investment Program, investors follow and automatically execute the trades of top Currensee traders called Trade Leaders. Currensee Trade Leaders are handpicked from the thousands of members of the Currensee Forex trading social network and carefully screened for historical performance, risk management and returns versus the S&P 500. By investing in Trade Leaders, investors build their own personal automated Trade Leaders portfolios and have complete control over their investments at all times. Currensee strives to deliver profitability, transparency and control to investors around the world. Currensee is funded by North Bridge Venture Partners, Egan-Managed Capital and Vernon & Park Capital and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) and registered by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). For more information, visit us at  www.currensee.com. Find us on  Facebook,  follow us on  Twitter, and watch us on  YouTube. It’s time to invest in the success of top currency traders.

About Askobid

Askobid is a fast growing financial broker, providing investors the ability to trade Forex, Commodities and CFDs in a supportive and transparent environment. Askobid offers highly competitive pricing and a choice of robust trading platforms designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of retail and corporate clients.   Askobid was founded on the principle that knowledge, coupled with the right technology, is what profits in the foreign exchange market. Central to the Askobid experience is the award winning MetaTrader 4 – a renowned, feature rich platform capable of satisfying the most exacting of traders with its unparalleled execution, indicators and advanced charting tools. Askobid maintains the high standards demanded by international regulatory bodies, with the end goal of safe guarding clients and their funds, allowing them to focus on the task at hand – increasing their chances of investing successfully.

Full disclosure: I’m affiliated with Currensee.

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