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LCH.Clearnet SA raises Deposit Factors On Italian Debt

After many days of rises in Italian yields across the board, the rumors finally materialized: it is now harder to buy Italian debt. The decision applies to all maturities. This is what happened with Greece, Portugal  and Ireland.

Italian 10 year bond yields are at 6.77%, close to to yesterday’s numbers, but they will likely leap after this decision. 5 year yields have surpassed the 10 year yields and are now at 6.9% after touching 7%, also known as “the point of no return”. 2 year yields are climbing to 6.43%, and there’s no stopping.

It’s important to note that LCH Clearnet SA is not LCH Clearnet Ltd. but this is still meaningful, as Joseph Cotterill explains:

LCH Clearnet SA follows a different framework to LCH Clearnet Ltd – operator of the RepoClear service which applies the famous 450bps spread “trigger” for sovereign risk margin. LCH Clearnet SA is still closely involved in the Italian bond market. Therefore its raising of initial margin by between 3 and 5.5 per cent across Italian bond maturities matters,

The markets already forced Silvio Berlusconi to announce a conditional resignation after more reforms are approved in parliament. Perhaps Berlusconi will turn is conditional resignation into a real one, much sooner.

This adds to the pain of the euro. EUR/USD is now sliding under 1.38 once again, after falling from the 1.3838 line earlier today. Some support is found at 1.3725, with more significant support at 1.3650.

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Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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