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USDCHF long opportunity?

For today, there might be long opportunities on this pair – which means a sell option on EURUSD simultaneously. Yesterday the pair was pushed sharply lower close to the big support line at 0,9323. In the last two days it traded only under the 0,9394 area and so far it has not been able to break out from this range. But the sentiment has changed during the night and this morning, and it stabilized after yesterday’s slight dip.

The weakness of the dollar seems over. So today, we could have a good entry for long on USD/CHF. The cross traded at 0,9364 and the next big resistance line is at 0,9395. If this zone is taken out we will turn our focus to the 0,9465 level. It could be broken today.

USD CHF technical analysis 4 hour chart for currency trading



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