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Obama in light of the poor recovery

Some people believe that President Barack Obama is the worst President of all time. Is he really? If we were to look back at all the previous recessions that have taken place since World War II and see just how much he has fared with regard to a return to normality, would he be within that average?

Has Obama done good on unemployment and has he come up trumps with increased GDP? What’s happened to household incomes in the USA and are there more poor people today than when he came to power for the first time as President of the United States?

The Great Recession has probably been the worst recession that we have experienced post WWII. But, according to official sources of the US, it has been over since 2010. So, why aren’t we back in the green area of employment in the country and why are there 31% more poor people in the country today than in 2009?

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