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Federal Reserve stronger than ever

Perhaps Obama is not the worst President of the USA, as some might like to suggest. That’s probably only because he is President in name and little much else. He is like a window-dressed actor that is in the front-shop, strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage. But, the people that pull the strings of the President of the USA are in fact the Wall Street guys, the bankers, the financiers, the spy-agencies and the private lobbies.

Economist and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts has said that the USA is a lawless society today, with “humanity drowning in Washington’s criminality“. But, who is controlling the country and why? Edward Snowden has warned us that the media is controlled (in an interview to The New York Times Magazine): “After 9/11, many of the most important news outlets in American abdicated their role as a check to power – the journalistic responsibility to challenge the excesses of government – for fear of being seen as unpatriotic and punished in the market during a period of heightened nationalism“.

Security has meant that the US government agencies have become all-powerful and can do what they wish.

The Federal Reserve is no longer answerable to anyone and least of all Congress. We should have realized that when Ben Bernanke refused to hand over details in 2009 about who got the money from the bail-out.

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