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TradeCrowd launches the Contra Copy feature for going against

TradeCrowd, that launched social trading platform in early November, is now introducing new Contra Copy feature: it allows traders to copy trades in the other direction: this makes the contrarian trade much easier.

For more details, here is the official press release:

LONDON, 11th of December 2013 – TradeCrowd, the producer of its eponymous online social trading platform, announced that they have launched several unique features.

“Among the many major updates that we rolled out last week, we are proudest of two unique features: Contra Copy and Light Signup,” said CEO Stefan Pajkovic, co-founder of TradeCrowd.

“Contra Copy is a unique feature that works opposite of the popular Copy Trade feature,” he explained. “It enables users to counter the trades of traders that perform less well with certain instruments. Now you can not only copy the good trades of successful traders with Copy Trade, but you can benefit from having an opposite opinion from other traders with the Contra Copy feature.”

“Light sign-up feature will give our users the option to sign up through a number of social networks and preview the platform features without forcing them to deposit any money,” said Pajkovic.

“The new features we rolled out improved and simplified the genuine trading experience on our platform,” Pajkovic explained. “Since the satisfaction of our traders is our main goal, we’re constantly upgrading and improving our platform based on their suggestions and feedback. Based on that feedback we’ve also included several new Forex instruments and commodities that were previously unavailable on the platform. These updates and improvements brings a highly useful blend of advanced trading options that are perfectly suited for wide range of traders, from first comers to experienced veteran traders. Of course, the social nature of the platform still enables our traders to find the experienced traders or instruments they find the most compelling and follow the conversations before making their trading decision.”

“We believe these updates are a real game-changer in regards of how trading is done online,” he said. “Also, the platform itself is an excellent example of how evolving the product together with the knowledge and experience of its users can give you the best social trading platform in the trading industry,” said Pajkovic.

Constant improvements to the platform are expected to bring new traders to TradeCrowd, both from marketing efforts and word of mouth from enthusiastic users.

About TradeCrowd:

TradeCrowd is offering forex, indices and commodities trading and plans to introduce stock and binary options trading in the near future.

The platform was announced at the Forex Magnates London Summit the 11th of November.

The innovative trading platform integrates social networking, enabling traders of all levels to share knowledge, experiences and views before investing. At TradeCrowd, traders can make trading decisions based on the latest news, commentary from experts and others in the TradeCrowd community. Traders can also follow and copy professional traders to make the same trades.

Founded in 2013 in London, TradeCrowd is aiming to provide a perfect user experience for both novice and expert traders.

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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