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MahiFX launches new entertaining Facebook app

New Zealand based Forex Broker MahiFX launches a new Facebook app that shows that anyone can trade. The app is quite entertaining.

MahiFX recently announced its  institutional solution:  MFX Compass. For more about the FB app, here is the press release:

LONDON, 21 May 2014 – What if you could trade something more valuable than money? That’s the tongue-in-cheek question that technology company MahiFX, home to the award-winning forex trading platform, seeks to explore with their new Facebook game ‘Trading Faces’.
The premise of the game is based on a simplified form of Forex trading, and challenges you to swap your Facebook pals according to their friend counts with the aim of increasing your final profit. Accurately choose which of your peers is ‘wealthier’ in friendships and you will earn the difference”¦ or lose it if you are wrong.

‘Trading Faces’ pokes a little playful humour around whilst simultaneously offering a learning tool to assist less experienced traders. By combining Forex with something that everyone can relate to, this addictive app sparks up your competitive nature and not only teaches you the basics of trading but also the ambitious attitude that is often the key to success. Despite the game being relatively short, the urge to try again is often too much to resist. Whether you’re competitive with yourself or others, there’s always a figure that needs to be topped and you’ll find yourself clicking ‘Play Again’ before you know it.

The free app available now via Facebook and the MahiFX website (https://mahifx.com/trade-your-friends), is compatible with a range of browsers and devices including desktop, tablet and mobile phones. The Facebook API provides the data for Trading Faces, bringing the dynamic game to life with comprehensive names, friend counts, pictures and avatars. Additional features include the ability to share your profit on your Facebook feed, prompting further opportunity to be that tiny bit better than your friends.

While MahiFX are not saying you should trade your friends, there’s no harm in a cheeky suggestion. What’s more important is the underlying theory that ‘Trading Faces’ conveys: anyone and everyone can learn to trade with the right tools.

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam

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