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UK: Government heads for political showdown – TDS

Analysts at TDS point out that the UK government heads for a repeat of last Tuesday’s political showdown, as two amendments to parliament’s “meaningful vote” on the final Brexit deal are voted on in the House of Commons.

Key Quotes

“The “Grieve amendment” gives parliament some say in directing Brexit negotiations if it rejects the final deal later this year (perhaps ensuring a softer Brexit), while the government’s watered-down amendment only gives an opportunity for parliament to “acknowledge” the situation, with no say in the negotiations (thus Brexit can be whatever the government decides).”

“Last week’s vote on the Grieve amendment looked like it was going to pass, but promises by the Prime Minister of a compromise at the last minute held the Tory “rebels” back. The promised compromise did not materialise, however, and the government is taking a gamble that its softer version will have bought enough rebel support to pass. This is likely the case, meaning the Grieve amendment will be defeated.”

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