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Additional comments from  Bank of England Governor Mark Carney continue to cross the wires as he responds to questions on the Financial Stability Report.

  • Disorderly Brexit would be a supply shock, totally different type of hit to those suffered by other advanced economies.
  • BoE would be faced by real challenge on rates.
  • Determining size and persistence of supply shock in no deal Brexit would be hard for BoE.
  • All things equal, sharp supply shock likely to be inflationary.
  • MPC cannot ignore mandate to control inflation after Brexit.
  • Probability of no deal Brexit has increased over time.
  • Cutting interest rates after a disorderly Brexit would not allow a UK bank to operate in EU.
  • We are not giving advice to UK lawmakers on Brexit.
  • BoE is trying to reassure people about Brexit, not scare them.

Source: Reuters.