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Australia’s highly anticipated May jobs report is out and smashed expectation as follows, sending the Aussie higher in its correction vs the Fed-hardened greenback:

  • 16-Jun-2021 19:30:00 – AUSTRALIA MAY UNEMPLOYMENT RATE +5.1 PCT, S/ADJ (REUTERS POLL: +5.5)
  • 16-Jun-2021 19:30:00 – AUSTRALIA MAY FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT +97.5K S/ADJ
  • 16-Jun-2021 19:30:00 – AUSTRALIA MAY PARTICIPATION RATE +66.2 PCT, S/ADJ (REUTERS POLL: +66.1 PCT)

The main domestic news event for the Aussie has been jobs data for the month of May, albeit it has been somewhat diluted  by the surprise hawkish tilt at the Federal Reserve.

Nevertheless, this will be especially important as it will be the  last key release before the 9 July Reserve Bank of Australia  meeting and the Aussie has rallied 0.25% off the bat so far, some 20 pips higher.  

Traders looking to the RBA

Markets will be looking for changes to the shape and possibly size  of the QE after this very strong headline print and a drop in the  Unemployment Rate  that could lead to a less dovish  RBA and a brighter  inflation outlook for the second quarter after  the underwhelming 1first quarter print.  

Earlier today, RBA’s governor Phillip Lowe was speaking:

RBA Lowe: Aussie economy needs stimulus

More to come…

About the  Unemployment Rate

The Unemployment Rate released by the  Australian Bureau of Statistics  is the number of unemployed workers divided by the total civilian labour force.

If the rate hikes, indicates a lack of expansion within the Australian labour market. As a result, a rise leads to weaken the Australian economy. A decrease of the figure is seen as positive (or bullish) for the AUD, while an increase is seen as negative (or bearish).