Catalonia may declare independence on Monday – EUR could


The ruling coalition in Catalonia has called for an extraordinary session of the local parliament, probably to unilaterally declare independence. It will be held on Monday, October 9th.

Catalonia’s president Carles Puigdemont told the BBC that he will move towards a declaration in the upcoming days. His Junts pel Si party is a coalition of pro-independence Catalan parties. The junior coalition partner is CUP, which is a radical-left party that is pushing hard for independence.

Such a step be a final blow to any attempt to negotiate a climb-down on both sides. Calls for mediation and a dialog are coming from a few politicians, but they do not have the upper hand. Barcelona’s Mayor Ada Colau said she is sad but resigned, rejecting a unilateral declaration of independence and also rejecting a suspension of Catalonia’s autonomy, Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution.

Yesterday also saw a hard-line stance from Spain’s King. He did strike a comforting, uniting voice. He put the blame on Catalonia and ignored the police brutality.

Tensions in the rich northeastern region remain high after the vote on Sunday. The Spanish police used force trying to stop people from voting in a referendum that was struck down by the constitutional court.

So far, the euro has mostly shrugged it off. EUR/USD opened lower on Monday but quickly closed the gap. It trades in a narrow range.

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    Catalan nationalism
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    The historical flag of the King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona, ​​a traditional symbol of Catalonia and the Catalan nationalism
    The Catalan Nationalism or katalanismos ( Catalan : nacionalisme català or catalanisme ) is a nationalist stream having a core of defense and promotion policy, historical and cultural specificity of Catalan nation

    Due to the fact that it represents a nation without a state in line with other “nationalisms without state” like that of Scotland and Quebec . [1] Born in traditional Catalan provinces in the 19th century aroundrevival of Catalan literature ; the evolution into a major political power in Catalonia at the end of the century in response to the crisis caused in Spain after its defeat in Ispanoamerikaniko war of 1898 led katalanistika parties to gradually promote various positions both in favor of the government and separatists and for the independence of Catalonia. An important trend is the katalanistiki pankatalanismos that promotes unity of so-called Catalan Countries , regions of Europe with traditional Catalan, mainly linguistic nature.