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According to a monthly survey by the European Commission, released this Monday, Euro-zone economic sentiment edged lower to 112.1 points in July from 112.3 in June, continuing with its downward trend from a peak of 115.2 touched in last December.  

Key highlights:

   “¢   The business climate indicator, which helps identify the phase of the business cycle, fell to 1.29 in July from 1.38 in June.
   “¢   Trade tensions between the EU and the US, where the later imposing tariffs on steel and aluminium exports in June and threatening of more tariffs on EU cars, had an effect.
   “¢   Sentiment in services improved to 15.3 from 14.4 in June.
   “¢   Consumer inflation expectations over the next 12 months rose to 18.0, close to the long-term average of 18.6.  
   “¢   Selling price expectations in industry fell to 9.7 in July from 10.1 in June.