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We’re back from our vacation and we tackle the Fed decision and its mysteries around inflation. What does it mean for the dollar? We then continue to discuss the diminishing effect of geopolitics on markets before preview the last week of Q3.

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  1. The Fed and inflation: Yellen and co. are less confident about inflation. It is always around the corner, but never really there. We analyze the important decision and discuss the next moves. What’s next for the US dollar? We talk about the economy but cannot ignore the politics around the Fed: with so many vacancies and Yellen probably on her way out, a lot of uncertainty is in the air. How will Kevin Warsh run the Fed? We touch on his hawkishness.
  2. Missiles from North Korea: “Rocket-man” is on a roll and so is the US president, at least with a “war of words”. Markets react to each event, but the effect on the markets is becoming shorter and shorter. What dose of trouble is needed for markets to react?
  3. Preview: The third quarter of 2017 ends with updates on GDP, durable  goods orders and the Fed’s favorite inflation measure. Also, watch out for some last minute scrambling around the end of the quarter.

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