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Another month came to an end and a new one began. And this one definitely looks better. July saw better numbers in all parameters: better than June and better than May.

The ongoing debt crisis in Europe (and a little bit in the US) had its contribution to the rise, despite the slower summer trading. In addition, the site speed issues I was encountering last month are (almost) over.

While performance can be upgraded indefinitely, a big improvement was seen last month. This resulted in more appreciation from regular visitors and more traffic from all search engines.

So, here are the numbers:

  • Page Views: 314,384
  • Visits: 150, 274.
  • Visitors: 60,167
  • Time on Site: 2:38.
  • Total RSS Subscribers: 3,900 (July 28th)
  • Email Subscribers: 2427.

I hope you enjoy Forex Crunch. You can follow the site via  email  or  RSS.

And, I am in search of freelance writers for the site. If you have relevant experience, please contact me: yohay (at) forexcrunch (dot) com.