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Valeria Bednarik,  Chief Analyst at has been a victim of identity stealing. An unknown individual opened up an email account that resembles her name, and is using it to sell forex signals. That’s ugly.

Not only is this person benefiting off somebody Bednarik’s  reputation, but he is also damaging it:  Bednarik doesn’t sell signals. So if you are approached with such an offer, you should know it is a scam.

We all hear about cases where dodgy people open up shop as forex brokers, and steal your money. Your deposit is their profit, and withdrawals are  practically  impossible. This scam not only hurts traders, but also the reputation of a highly regarded analyst.

In an emotional statement, Valeria  Bednarik provides all the details and the story behind it.

In my opinion, forex signals should be taken with a huge grain of salt. If you are still interested in using signals, it is important to check out who stands behind these signals, and now it is apparently necessary to verify if the offer  genuinely  comes from the person claiming so.

The rapid growth in the forex industry brings highly innovative and exciting developments, as well as scammers. I hope that the maturing industry will manage to weed out these phenomenons and keep them at the sidelines.