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FXStreet’s social network is gaining traction after a quiet launch. It’s integration with other social networks, backing of a major forex portal and the  excellent and intuitive design all make it worth checking out. Here’s a review of ForexStreet.Net.

ForexStreet.Net is based on Ning, a platform for social networks that you might have seen elsewhere on the web. This makes integration with major social networks much easier. It’s not only about sharing content from the ForexStreet.Net to Facebook, Twitter and others, but the option to log in with various login providers such as Google and Yahoo, apart from Facebook and Twitter.In my opinion, the only thing missing  is LinkedIn integration.

These wide options to log in make it easier to join and also contribute to making the site mainstream, another small step in making the forex industry more mainstream.

ForexStreet.Net Review


By joining the network, you have a wide variety of ways to interact with other people. The discussion forum is rather simple, straightforward and easy to navigate, especially as you immediately see the featured discussions.

The chat window, that appears at the bottom (similar to Facebook), is an open, all-site chat, which is well designed. This keeps the buzz up when you are inside the network. I wonder how this will scale as the site gathers traction.

The blogs section is my favorite part, as I’m a big fan of blogs, but also as it’s very easy to publish blog posts, to comment and to see other blog posts.

There are additional sections to site as well, but you’ll have to discover them for yourselves.

Forex Social Networks

The forex social network scene is bubbling: there independent forex social networks such as Currensee and FxBees. These sites aren’t affiliated with brokers or aren’t part of bigger site. Such sites depend solely on their features, such as automatically following other traders.

Another type of sites belong to forex brokers – one example is eToro’s OpenBook. Here, the brokers add this feature also for auto-following and for having an added value over their competitors. These tend to have less features, but a common feeling of being under one broker.

ForexStreet.Net belongs to another type of forex social networks – they are an important feature of an independent forex portal. Forex Factory’s Trade Explorer (see Review here) is another example. While this could be just another feature in the variety of services that they offer, both sites seem to have a commitment to developing these networks.

These forex networks have a strong user base behind them, making their success much easier. When a newbie enters a social network and sees a vital community, he will likely stay around. This in turn triggers more development from the portal and this in turn draws more users.

FXStreet took the time to develop their social network. This is seen in the design as well as in a good user base.


ForexStreet.Net is growing in users and vitality. It’s becoming a fun place for forex traders to hang out in, as well as a useful tool for them.

You can check them out here.