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The new version of is now alive and it looks great. The site that came into life around two months ago received a totally new look&feel as well as new features.

The site was founded by Jamie Coleman and Gerry Davies that were two of the prominent people behind Forex Live. They were joined by Peter Jackson that also joined Forex Live at a later stage and by Peter Fell.  FXBriefs Review

After two months of coverage using a somewhat spartan site, the new version is very nicely designed, easy to use on desktop computers and also on mobile devices (which fast moving forex traders use more and more). The site provides fast, twitter style coverage on events moving currencies, as well as some quick commentary.

The aforementioned people behind the site have vast experience and vast connections in banks and other places. They offer coverage of options, barriers and talk from trading influential trading rooms that doesn’t appear in the news.

The new site offers readers a free report named 10 Secrets to Successful Foreign Exchange Trading, features FXstreet’s economic calendar, a neat glossary and more.

I have been following Coleman (which I also had the honor to meet) and co. for quite some time. The fast updates made Forex Live one of my favorite sites on the web, and I think this service is a must for every forex trader.

I was surprised to hear about the departure of Forex Live founders, and I wasn’t the only one. Coleman explained this move here.  Forex Live continues operating with some of the people that staffed it before the move and with new ones, and it maintains the same format as beforehand.

So what is the difference between both sites? I guess that each and every one of the many loyal readers has a personal preference for the different  contributors   Here at Forex Crunch, we like them both.

One clear difference at this point in time seems to be the business model: FXBrief focuses on subscribers whereas Forex Live has ads.

For more information about the launch, here is the official press release: is set to go live on April 1 with a dynamic new website geared for active traders of currencies and global financial markets. The site was founded by Jamie Coleman and Gerry Davies, the team which built the highly regarded to market prominence. Joining Gerry and Jamie is Peter Jackson, a market veteran with over 30 years of trading and analysis experience, who like Gerry and Jamie has worked at major banks and market news outlets. It’s that level of experience that brought the group a strong following among hedge fund managers, interbank traders and central bankers.

“We’re excited to launch a new site geared toward the active forex trader,” said Jamie Coleman, Founder and CEO of FxBriefs. “What sets FxBriefs apart is the experience level of the editorial team. Our guys bring you the news you need fast and they put it in perspective. Combined with our unparalleled access to contacts at major banks and funds, we bring you actionable information, not just the headlines. Knowing what to do with the news is much more important than just knowing the news.” is staffed 24-hours in each of the major trading centers and covers all the asset classes which impact the global currency markets. Equities, commodities, interest rates (and a few laughs) are all a focus at FxBriefs.

About FxBriefs: FxBriefs Limited is a dynamic new digital media firm geared toward the needs of active currency traders. FxBriefs editors average 30 years of financial markets trading and analysis experience. We bring institutional-level analysis, in an accessible format, to the growing legion of private traders around the world.