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The second IPO of a forex broker is due in about two weeks. Gain Capital, which holds the lucrative domain name, will make its initial public offering on the week of December 13th.

Renaissance Capital, Greenwich, CT ( reports that the stock price will range from $13 to $15. It’s amazingly the same target that FXCM aimed for. FXCM’s IPO was made at midpoint, $14, and the share is now trading higher, at around $15.

The valuation that is expected for the company is at around $536 million (at midpoint), about half of the current market value of FXCM.

The FXCM IPO was a necessary stepping stone before Gain Capital could make its own. It’s not surprising therefore, that the terms of Gain’s IPO were announced on the same day that FXCM started to trade.

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