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Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister, said that he would regret but respect if a country would leave the euro-zone.  

This isn’t the firm commitment to keep Greece in the euro-zone, heard usually from his boss Angela Merkel. This statement follows previous musings about Greece being a “bottomless pit” and follow many actions that push Greece to declare its bankruptcy.

38 requirements were listed by the troika for Greece as “prior actions” to receiving a bailout. The original deadline was the end of the month, which is tomorrow. Greece wishes to complete the bond swap (or debt restructuring / haircut) by March 8th

Greek deadlines are not holy.  The only real deadline is March 27th. That’s one week after Greece’s 7 day grace period. The debt struck country needs to redeem over 14 billion euros of bonds on March 20th.

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In other news, US durable goods orders plunged by 4%, much worse than a drop of 0.8% that was expected. A sharp drop was also seen in core orders.

EUR/USD remain stable at 1.3440. Is this a calm before the storm? For more on the pair, see the euro to dollar forecast.