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Gold extended its record-breaking rally with futures touching $2,000/oz for the first time in history while silver hit $26/oz on Tuesday. Economists at TD Securities expect gold and silver to consolidate their gains at levels around $1,880/oz and $22/oz before resuming the uptrend.

Key quotes

“Before gold moves above $2,000/oz and silver into new highs, it is quite likely these metals consolidate their gains at levels around $1,880/oz and $22/oz first. After settling at lower price levels, however, a normalizing global economy, sub-potential growth for a prolonged period and the fraying of global supply chains in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis likely means that policy rates could well continue to be set below the rate of inflation with yield suppression also being a feature of monetary policy, which should eventually see the resumption of the downward trend in real rates into even deeper negative territory.

“Gold prices could test well above TD Securities’ Q4-2021 projected average price of $2,000/oz, with silver also surging to new cyclical records. Monetization pressures as fiscal deficits surge in the US and across the world, should increasingly see investors choose the yellow and white metal as safe-havens.”