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  • The Guardian is reporting that  Lidington says the government now hopes to get the Brexit agreement passed by Tuesday 2 July.

“That is when MEPs will take their seats in the newly-elected European parliament. Lidington says “ideally” British MEPs will not need to fall back. But, as a fallback, he says the agreement should “certainly” be passed by the summer recess. The date for the start of the summer recess has not been announced yet, but normally it is in mid/late July,”

the article reads.  

However,  Prime minister has failed  to reach a cross-party Brexit deal in time to avoid UK taking part in poll and  the government has made a formal statement conceding that was now impossible.

Government Statement:

“The PM deeply regrets that we haven’t left the EU on time, which was by 29 March, and that a consequence of that is that we will have to take part in the European elections,” May’s spokesman said. “She understands that many members of the public will feel great frustration at this. We now wish to see the withdrawal agreement introduced, and ratified by parliament, as soon as possible  and ideally before MEPs take their seats.”