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While we still do not have real results, we do have updates on the exit polls: they show anti-austerity radical left SYRIZA set for a landslide victory with a lead of around 10% over incumbent New Democracy: 36-38% against 26-28%. Neo-Nazi Golden and the new center party To Potami are next with 6-7%. Regarding seats in parliament, it seems that SYRIZA led by Alexis Tsipras is set to get 155 seats – an absolute majority.

While recent  opinion polls showed Greeks breaking towards SYRIZA, a landslide victory for anti-austerity is likely to encourage similar parties in Europe, namely Podemos in Spain. EUR/USD could be pressured at the open.

Previous updates:

17:00 GMT: 35.5% to 39.5% support and between 146 and 158 seats. So, it’s unclear at this early stage if they obtained an absolute majority. Long night ahead.

17:30 GMT: Update: more exit polls now show clear absolute majority for SYRIZA with 155 seats. If confirmed, it could weigh on EURUSD.

Recent opinion polls showed growing support for Alexis Tsipras. The question is: will they achieve absolute majority? 151 seats is the key.

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