Head and Shoulders Forming on EURUSD


We visit the EURUSD daily chart and noticed a head and shoulders pattern in the making.

A head and shoulders pattern looks like a human head with 2 shoulders on either side. The shoulders are lower than the head and are often of equal height to each other. The blue line extending horizontally across is the neckline, which connects the 2 low points.

EUR USD head and shoulders march 2012

EUR USD head and shoulders – click image to enlarge

This is a top reversal pattern, or a bearish signal. Of course, this trade setup is still in the making and is only confirmed if prices follow the direction of the red arrow, breaking below the neckline. The pattern is however void once prices break the high of 1.3484.

You can expect many traders to go short if prices break below the neckline level of around 1.3017.

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