Houthi Rebels’ drone hit Saudi Arabia’s major oil processors

  • At least half of Saudi Arabia’s oil exports have been affected by the drone strike.
  • The attack in the early hours of Saturday was confirmed by the ministry of energy.

An attack on one of the world’s largest oil facilities in Saudi Arabia has been claimed by the Houthi rebels. The facility run by Saudi Aramco was attacked in the early hours of Saturday. A huge fire confirmed by the ministry of energy in the kingdom blazed through the oil facilities.

Reuters cited three sources hat confirmed disruption of oil exports. At least 5 million barrels per day of crude oil was affected by the incident. Moreover, the Wall Street Journal said that the country has been forced to close half of its oil output. However, by the time of press, local authorities had not confirmed the impact on oil exports.

A spokesperson for Houthi claimed responsibility for the drone attack. According to the spokesperson, at least ten drones had been use in the attack. Houthi is Yemen Iran-aligned rebel organization.

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