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A blast in a Shiite mosque in Chabaharin southern Iran  kills dozens of people. The city is close to the border with Pakistan. The bombing happened early in the morning. 5 months ago, a blast in the city of Zahedan  killed 22 people.

In many cases, the Baluchian  insurgency, wanting independence, took  responsibility for the bombing. Iran has accused Israel of being involved in these acts. Wikileaks showed that Israel indeed looked into trying to topple the Iranian Islamic regime using insurgent groups such as the militants in  Baluchistan.

This is not the first time that  Sunni  militants act against the majority of Shiites in Iran, but this time the timing is close to the indictment of Shiite Hezbollah members in Lebanon, an indictment in the murder of former Sunni prime minister Rafik Hariri.

An escalation in the Middle East will push oil prices higher, and also the dollar, yen and Swiss franc.