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Reuters reports comments from Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, delivered on Sunday, as he responded to the UK PM Theresa May’s new Brexit plan.

Key Quotes:

“I think for the first time we’re seeing very direct language which points to a much softer Brexit than I think some people have been commenting on and that has to be welcomed,”  

“I don’t think they (the EU) will accept it in full but I hope it can be the basis for a serious negotiation now. I think there will be some concerns in the EU that this is essentially Britain picking and choosing what elements of the single market it wants to be part of.”

“The EU has always said that once Britain softens its red lines … that they would also show some generosity and flexibility but I think there will be limitations to that flexibility.”

“From an Irish point of view there is some quite strong language that is positive, mainly that Britain is absolutely committed to what we call the backstop but more importantly they are determined to ensure that the backstop will never be necessary.”