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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has called a budget meeting with his ministers to go over Italy’s budget discussions further, as holiday-impinged markets tread on the volatile side on reaction to Euro-centric headlines.

Key highlights

Conte will be meeting with select members of his cabinet as they look for more ways to squeeze some wiggle room out of the European nation’s books, with headlines on Tuesday sending the EUR lower after Italy decided to stick to their guns and plan for a 2.4% budget deficit in fiscal year 2019, bringing Italy’s budget deficit beyond the 2% target set out under EU guidelines.

Conte and his posse have attempted to smooth over frictions in markets regarding Italy’s budget, promising to reduce Italy’s deficit to 2.2% in fiscal year 2020 and dropping it further to the 2.0% barrier by FY 2021, but these proposals lie several years down the road, and traders will be keeping a close eye on the Italian bond yields this week, bearing in mind that the previous government was targeting a deficit of just 0.6% in 2019.