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Forexcrunch partner website has launched a new trading service that provides subscribers with automated signals based on the trades of a highly profitable star trader, Azeez Mustapha.

The trading strategy gained over 145% in the past two months of testing and is now showing returns of 160%.

Because there are so many trades opened and closed daily, trying to copy them manually would be an arduous task for all but the most attentive day trader, so by linking to a customers MetaTrader 4 account (MT4) account using learn2trade’s Signal Start profile, all the trades are executed in customer accounts.

After successful testing, Learn2trade believes it is now the right time to share this strategy with old and new subscribers so they can test it out for themselves.

Signal Start is a trusted service provider popular with traders.

learn2trade signal start
Learn2Trade Automated Forex Signals has returned 160% since inception on 21 September 2021

Connect your MT4 account to Signal Start

To avail yourself of the trading strategy, simply make sure you have a funded MT4 account at your broker. If you don’t already have an account then Learn2trade recommends using one of their three partners:

learn2trade signal start
MT4-connected account on Avatrade trading platform, 27 September 2021, showing the preponderance of winning trades – past performance is not a guide to future performance

For the optimum performance in terms of making sure all the trades are opened, the fund should hold at least $1,000.

Learn2Trade Signal Start Automated trading product features

  • We recommend having at least $1000 in your account
  • The system trades automatically for you through your MT4/MT5 account.
  • MT4 & MT5 Compatible
  • You can cancel copying anytime.
  • The $150 fee is a monthly recurring payment.
  • Larger stops to manage swing trades
  • Up to 20 trades placed a day!
  • Demo accounts not compatible

How to get up and running with Signal Start

In order to copy Learn2trade trades, you need to:

  1. Create an account with Signal Start,
  2. Connect your MT4 account and then click this link to Learn2trade’s profile
  3. Select copy, the monthly copy fee is charged at $150 a month which is a short-term promotion Learn2trade is running until the end of the month.

learn2trade signal start

Signal Start costs $25 per month. Learn2Trade automated service costs $150 per month

Rules Learn2trade suggests using in the initial Signal Start setup:

  • Copy stop loss and take profit values: Yes
  • Copy Buy Trades: Yes
  • Copy Sell Trades: Yes
  • Limit Total Lots: Start with a max of 0.1 until you are comfortable to increase.
  • Limit Total Open Trades: No
  • Balance Stop: Yes, 20% of the funds in the account used to copy our trades.
  • Drawdown Stop: Max 60% to allow for swing trades.
  • Fixed Lots: (Example) On a $1000 0.01 Lots on a $10,000 account 0.1 Lots
  • Multiplier: Set to 0.5 which is half the lots we use, then feel free to increase to 1.0 until you are comfortable.

For more information visit the Learn2trade profile page on Signal Start:


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