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2016 began with a bang, with lots of moving parts. We put things in place by analyzing what’s going on with the Fed, how oil reacts (or not) to data and also keep you up to date with stories that might leap from the back-burner to the headlines.

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  1. Fed Drill Down: Did the Fed succeed in not rocking the boat? And did they bury a March rate hike? What are they really worried about?
  2. Oil price and stockpiles:  The weekly release of oil inventories is watched closely for the next move in oil prices. But does it really make a difference. We analyze the real data and the conclusion is quite surprising.
  3. Pain in Spain: There is no government in Spain more than a month after the elections. We keep you up to date with the story that is brewing on the backburner and could certainly impact the euro.
  4. Preview: The first week of February is certainly a busy one, featuring the full NFP buildup, two rate decisions and lots more.

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