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Binary options platform provider MarketsPulse has launched its new CRM version, that features enhanced capabilities for brokers.

All the details are in the press release below:

MarketsPulse CRM tailored for Binary Options now updates sales & retention teams in realtime on more actions traders make.

Toronto – MarketsPulse (, a global binary options platform provider, has  recently launched their second version of the CRM they designed specifically for Binary  Options Brokers.CRM Image - 2

In addition to the previous CRM version’s advantages, the new version now tracks a trader’s  demo-money and real-money account activity and finances in real-time. This addition  provides a more comprehensive method of tracking demo account users allowing for a more  effective conversion process. Prior to initiating contact with a trader, the sales and retention  teams will be able to familiarize themselves with the trader by knowing their last sign-in and  sign-out, demo activity, bonuses, credits, deposits, withdrawals, and more.

Furthermore, the new version also offers Enterprise brokers the ability to access and  manage leads from external sources through an open API. An Enterprise client with a variety  of lead sources will have the flexibility to conveniently transfer or seamlessly combine leads  to one CRM using the API.

Ayala Barbie, Product Manager at MarketsPulse states, “The new additions to the CRM  version 2 enables our clients to work within an efficient environment. Its user-friendly and  easy accessibility of information can help minimize operational costs.”

The MarketsPulse CRM which is included with the Venture Solution and available to  Enterprise clients was created to efficiently work with Binary Options operations by enabling  easy management of data flow. The system’s automated updating process and powerful  tools provide sales and retention strategists the capability to execute a business plan with  ease. Furthermore, the system has the flexibility to expand its capabilities by using apps  and add-ons provided by Zoho and third parties, such as external email clients, direct phone  connectivity, access to the system using a mobile app and more.