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North Korea boasts it has thousands of more centrifuges in its so called “peaceful” power plant. As far as Western eyes know, this plant in Yongbyon is very sophisticated, but produces only low enriched uranium – used for electricity and not for bombs.

Here’s a BBC report:

The US scientist reported that the plant did appear to be intended for civilian nuclear purposes; however, he added that it could be modified to produce highly enriched uranium.

But a war could be good for South Korea. Before the border clash on November 23rd, South Korea was trying to weaken the won – it’s currency. As Adam Kritzer notes,  they were serial market  interveners, spending over $100 billion in defending their exporters.

There’s one more day until the US – South Korean naval exercise (including USS George Washington) ends. A peaceful ending will reduce tensions and will also allow the KRW to appreciate, but from much lower ground.

Still no news about the rumored death of Kim Jung Il, North Korea’s ruler.