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nzdusd failed breakout

We’ve see the New Zealand dollar make a small comeback – regaining some recent losses. The market rallied off the market floor into a major resistance level.

Last session, the market attempted to breakout above resistance, but the move failed and daily candle closed back below the resistance level.

This is a sign of weakness, as the market didn’t have the strength to maintain higher prices – leaving an upper tail on yesterday’s candle.

We could see a bearish move out of this fakeout, there are also some bearish rejection candles off the resistance level sitting on the 4 hour chart.


Price Re-Breaks the Level


Last session I put a blog post up talking about a fakeout that occurred through this resistance level, and a potential bearish trade opportunity.

Nothing come of the fakeout – price regained strength, and managed to bust back through the resistance line.

Now price has closed above the level, we want to see it now act as a swing level, by holding as new support. If any price action buy signals form here, it could be a good opportunity to position into an emerging uptrend.