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Forex Crunch stats are now visible to the public via Double Click AdPlanner. In an industry that is still growing up and is still full with secrets, this is my small contribution to enhanced transparency.

There are lots of web comparison tools out there that measure traffic on the web. Alexa and Compete are the most popular ones, but they’re far from accurate. They can give a general idea of trends, but no substantial data.

The most accurate data is held by the site owners. Google Analytics is a free, popular and rather accurate tool for measuring statistics. I also use it here on Forex Crunch. Google Analytics can be connected with Double Click AdPlanner, also a Google product, that enables advertisers to check up data on potential publishers’ sites.

The data that appears for most sites is based on estimations, but after I’ve opted in to connect both tools, everyone can see my internal statistical data. This will help advertisers in seeing the potential, and sends a message of transparency to readers as well.

I’m not the first forex site to do this. There are a few more forex sites that share their data. I hope others will follow.

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