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There are more reports that ex-Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is very sick and that his death is imminent. Reportedly, Mubarak refused to accept medical treatment, fell into a coma and will die at  Sharm el-Sheikh.

Initial rumors about his coma were heard a few days ago, but now these reports are heard from various sources. The London based newspaper A-shark el Awsat reported that Mubarak is in a very serious condition. The Egyptian ambassador to the US also said that the ousted president is in a bad condition.

A source related to the supreme military council said that he won’t be surprised if an announcement about Mubarak’s death will come any moment. According to this source, Mubark suffers from depression, he faints and refuses medical attention in Egypt or abroad. There have been rumors in the past that he will leave for medical treatment in Baden Baden, Germany.

An announcement that Mubarak died isn’t expected to impact currencies, as he has already been ousted. Focus turns to Iran, where student protests are becoming violent.

Update: There are rumors that Hosni Mubarak is in Eilat, the Israeli town at the southern tip of the country, which is on the border with Sinai. Previous rumors talked about Mubarak leaving to Montenegro, Bahrain or Baden Baden.

Egyptian strikes, which began before Mubarak stepped down, continue to halt Egypt’s economy. Oil is passing through the pipelines along the Suez canal.