Scalper Protection for Forex Brokers Announced by Leverate


Leverate, which provides software solutions for forex brokers, announced a new version of its Feed Manager Server. This includes a feature that defends against spikes, which are unfortunately common and painful. 

FMS 2.5 offers protection from arbitragers and scalpers that sometimes bite into brokers’ profits.

Previous releases by Leverate include the introduction of Guardian Angel by CPattern to Leverate clients, a news feed and calendar and more. For more on this launch, here is the full press release.

Leverate Announces the Release of Feed Manager Server Version 2.5


January 9, 2012 – Limassol, Cyprus

Leverate, the premium Forex broker solutions provider, announces the release of the newest version of their Feed Manager Server. Leverate is the world’s leading provider of the fastest and most accurate Forex feed rates supplied by over 70 different sources, including top tier banks, ECNs and brokers. This major advancement will provide increased spike protection for brokers while also benefitting their traders.

Leverate, the industry leader offering Forex broker solutions, has significantly upgraded the advanced capabilities of their proprietary Feed Manager Server (FMS) platform with additional spike protection capabilities that are not offered by any other provider in the market.   Leverate’s newest version of their FMS allows brokers to set their own parameters for spike protection per each instrument.  Such parameters include the percentage of difference between current and previous prices, the number of ticks at a certain price compared to previous prices, as well as a time period a price is maintained for. Alternatively, brokers can opt to benefit from Leverate’s know-how and use the default parameter settings as set by their Forex industry experts.

Leverate Private Label clients can now have increased control over their businesses, as it allows for their own customization of spike protection parameters, permitting them to guard themselves from scalpers and arbitragers more than ever before.  The FMS version 2.5 also prevents pending orders from being triggered in non-market prices, meaning that the traders of Leverate’s clients will benefit from even more accurate prices, leading to increased trading activity.

Leverate’s Head of Dealing, Ania Paus, comments:

“Leverate’s Live Data Feed has always been known for protecting brokers from scalpers and arbitragers.  Now that we have developed ‘Spike Protection’ as part of our FMS offering, brokers can further guard themselves and take even more control over their businesses than they could in the past.  The ability to customize their own spike protection parameters per instrument has been unheard of until now in this industry, and we are very pleased to be able to offer our clients this tool for further increasing the success of their brokerages.”

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    Today most of brokers let us scalp.
    So, just follow the best broker for your trading style.

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      They let until you’re losing your money. And block an account when you are a lucky scalper.