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A senior White House official was quoted by Reuters on Thursday, as saying that he believes China is “absolutely committed” to cooperating with the US on curbing illicit fentanyl.

Key Quotes (via Reuters):

“I am absolutely convinced the Chinese, starting with President Xi (Jinping) down through the Minister of Public Security Zhao, are absolutely committed to doing this.”

“I fully believe that what we learned on this trip is that the Chinese government, the Chinese people, are committed to this issue, both to save lives in the United States, but also to save lives in China. I believe that.”

  • China: It is not the main source of  fentanyl  to the US
  • China’s Amabassador to US: China launched a nationwide campaign to crack down on online sales of  Fentanyl

The above piece of news is likely to add to the renewed optimism on the US-China trade front, especially in light of the US President Trump’s latest remarks.

  • US Pres.  Trump: There is a good chance we’ll make a trade deal with China

Despite the trade optimism, the market mood remains edgy on latest US political turmoil after a majority of the US House now backs  impeachment proceedings against Trump – Politico.