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Catalans are voting in a referendum for independence that has been deemed illegal and unconstitutional  by Spain. The Spanish police have sent reinforcements, tripling its presence in the northeastern region to around 15,000. They have sealed some polling places and also confiscated ballot boxes.

Unfortunately, also violence has erupted. This includes clashes between police and protesters and also firing of rubber bullets. The Catalan President Carles Puigdemont managed to cast his vote despite elevated police presence in his constituency and condemned the violence.

Here is a video showing the use of rubber bullets. There are 38 people reported injured so far, in various incidents.

The current demand for independence has been going on for around five years. In the past year, the economic situation has eased demands for secession, but the events of the past 10 days and especially today have certainly given a boost to the separatists.

The images that are reverberating on social media have also reached the mainstream media and paint a gloomy picture. If the clashes continue, the euro could gap lower for a second week in a row. Last week, the common currency opened lower on the results of the German elections.

Catalan Independence Referendum – My Thoughts