Spanish Colonel Threats Military Intervention Against Catalan Independence


Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Alamán Castro brings back memories of dark times in recent Spanish history. The infantry officer expressed his willingness to sacrifice his own life for the integrity of the Spanish state, and said that any secession of one of Spain’s autonomous regions will only be “over my dead body”. 

This ominous statement cannot be easily dismissed nor can it be disconnected from the worsening economic situation in Catalonia, Spain and all of Europe.

His words are in response to the intention of a small town named Sant Pere de Torelló to declare the area as a “free Catalan territory”. The officer called for the arrest of the town’s mayor Jordi Fàbrega for the crime of treason. The motion to declare the town of less than 3000 people as a “free territory” is set for Monday.

In an interview to Alerta Digital, quoted by mainstream La Vanguardia, Alamán Castro made a few references to the military past. He refused to admit the nationalist aspirations of people in Catalonia and the Basque Country, and said the visits of long ruling dictator Franco to Barcelona were more crowded than in Madrid.

In addition, he criticized the current decentralized model of Spanish governance and said that tensions are similar to 1936 (when the Spanish civil war erupted), just “without blood”.

Another scary comment was that the “military doesn’t serve the politicians, but the people”. His words were criticized by several politicians, with one even calling for the arrest of the general.

Catalan Aspirations

Many people in the northeastern region of Catalonia wish to see their region become an independent country within the European Union. Many others would settle for more economic autonomy over full independence. The model of the Basque region, where the regional authority collects its own taxes and only pays Madrid for specific services would make many Catalans content. Catalonia doesn’t collect its taxes.

Aspirations for independence exist for centuries, but have risen in recent years, as the economic situation deteriorated. Many feel that the central government mistreats Catalonia. Privately funded, non binding, referendums regarding Independence have been held since 2009 in various cities and towns.

In the last parliamentary elections, the Catalan conservative CiU party won over the nationwide left wing socialists and the right wing PP.

The European debt crisis is also felt directly in Catalonia: the region is unable to raise money in the bond markets to roll its debt. On August 31st, also rating agency S&P joined with a downgrade to junk status (BB/B). The outlook remained negative.

With the absence of funds, the Catalan government asked for aid worth around 5 billion euros from the Spanish government. This can accelerate Spain’s aid request from the European Union, yet such aid comes with conditions: more austerity.

Nationwide Economic Discontent

Discontent with the economic situation has risen during the summer all over Spain, as the government turned back on its promises and introduced a rise in the VAT (from September 1st), alongside other austerity measures.

In addition, funds for banking sector seem to be in abundance: on Friday, August 31st, Bankia reported another big quarterly loss and the government was quick to announce capital injection.

Some analysts have already compared the current financial crisis to the situation in the 30s, which led to a bloody civil war in Spain and later to the WWII. Democracies in Europe seem much stronger than in the 30s and a scenario of seeing blood on the streets doesn’t look realistic.

Nevertheless, statements like these serve as warning signs that a deep economic depression can also risk democratic regimes.

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  1. karen monica vaughan on

    It is good if the Abraham Maslow’s triangle of hierarchy of needs are followed; It is most probably possible to be independent in a way of co-operation. To build up trust amongst the people since it is the beginning of the school year perhaps you could create a community centre in each suburb, town, with free nursery school by the mother’s & community in the way of Montessori’s prepared environment, which can be made to develop communication through rehabilitation in the afternoon & evening along with classic dance & Rational behaviour therapy(Maxie Maultsby). I have put this to france & a lot of countries in the Middle East, South America, a lot of their countries were already organised to take this up immediately.(There is a woman Lydia Chirinos, an attorney, who helps the people of the Amazon jungle to keep something of their life & tradition, She has one sister I have met & they are a wonderful, rational, family, Ada Chirinos)They get results that are tangible & speak spanish, Lydia consulted with Eva Romales, so this is a possible strong calm broker for you with real work to determine you own community everyday, FROM TODAY. One of their problems is all the people in jails & this problem could be solved 5 hours work & this 3 hour rehabilitaion in the community with them returning to the jail to sleep or returning home. It is to say that there are so many people who have been trained up to deviant behaviour by the systems around the world that most of these sentenced prisoners are no more guilty or innocent than I or Bill Clinton (I have repeated in affidavits & complaints at the police station & people with a lot of control of finances like Alan Greenspan(my family had personal contact with this man). The International Red Cross has always had the purpose of binding all the families, lost through these 200 years & so this rehabilitaion, improves understanding while determining your culture language & traditions. In the Montessori prepared environment , you anyone in your community can immediately write up the stories & proverbs etc. to pass on to the children. It is a very peaceful way of introducing work & exercise which leaves the road open(the basis of play therapy, used by Anna Freud in 1927 in Vienna)for learning & transforming a person’s brain biologically & intellectually (Maria Montessori – Absorbent Mind, Discovery of the Child. Jean Piaget – Origin of intelligence in the child, Thought & language in the Child, Construction of reality of the Child). i HOPE THAT THIS TRANSFORMATION TAKES PLACE. So much you have already done, and it is credit to the whole world when they carry this through.

    • Karen, I don’t think the Spanish (or the Catalans) need many lessons in how to organise community action. In fact, they might provide a few to others.

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  4. the word meant in the opening is “secession” not “succesion”

  5. jordi starter on

    298 years of invasion and occupation of Spain, Catalunya, new European state
    visca catalunya lliure

  6. the catalan nation independence is not a problem in this case, the main problem are the founds that the spanish gouvernement dont plumber anymore, the fact is that the catalan country are the 3rd richest ountry in EU and spain decrease 9 positions or less .total spanish bankruptcy.

    Why Catalonia cant be a state? remember the american countries (former spanish gouvernement) Holland (spanish in 1550 and germany and italy) etc…

  7. Lord Gamez on

    I cannot wait until the Spanish Army goes in and begins shooting these seccesionist bastards. I hope they arrest Jordi Pujol and cut his damn head off. It is going to be a blast watching the bombing of Barcelona and the butcheriy and the rapes of all them catalan dogs.

    Catalonia has been Spanish for over 600 years ever since King Ferdinand of ARAGON married Isabella of CASTILLA and in which they formed The Kingdom of “SPAIN!!!!”

    Catalonia will be punished soon. Oh, it’s going to be fun watching these bastards run for their lives. Hahahahaha!

  8. juan antonio on

    Yo de verdad alucino bastante , osea por una parte nos odian a morir pero entonces decimos que nos queremos ir , y entonces nos dicen que no y nos amenazan hasta con matarnos , que problema hay con que Cataluña se independice? , que va a ser esto otro sarajevo , es como los maridos machistas que maltratan a sus mujeres y el día que dicen de dejarlos entonces dicen que no que antes la mato , !VIVA LA LIBERTAD DE EXPRESIÓN¡ .

    • Lord Gamez on

      ????Viva la libertad de expression???

      Who are you kidding you catalonian seccessionist bastard! You dogs want to destroy the unity of Spain because you want to bring back a dead language from the grave. Cataln was already dead, but Spain had to bring it back because they wanted to be so Democratica. It is a sham, a waste and a big fat lie.

      THIS COFFEE FOR ALL is a damn joke. Catalonia has never been abused in all its existence. No one is starving, there are paved roads, many small and big businesses, the children can go to school, no one was put in trains and sent to death camps, or the army never went in and ethnically cleansed the area,….NEVER! Get over yourselves you backward [fools]. If France sent in troops to smash Corsican separatist and Britain sent troops to smash Irish IRA in Northern Ireland you don’t believe Spain will send in troops and the Civil Guards to protect the sovereingty of Spain then you are eating too many of your christmas tree logs. You damn fool. Hahahahahaha!

  9. Os teneis que joder y rendiros a seguir besandole el culo a Madrid. Cuando viajais teneis que usar pasaporte ESPANOL… jajajaja… y asi sera para SIEMPRE!

  10. F J Fernandez on

    I understand many people in Spain may not understand feelings of self-determination and independence by some Catalan and Basque citizens because it is not easy to explain. Often history, culture or economy topics are put forward to justify these ideas. My parents came from South Spain but I was born in Barcelona. My father arrived in this city and found opportunities, he worked hard all his life and was always grateful to the quality of life he himself won for us, adopting the Catalan sense and culture proudly. Catalonia does not only belong to native Catalans with Catalan surnames but to all those Spaniards – and now many other nationalities – that have made this their home. All these spaniards that live here now see a wave of hate – and perhaps envy – coming from the rest of Spain and feel they are not wanted. Therefore it is odd and they do not want a central government that seems to hate them, to decide about their infrastructures, their economy and their adopted culture. Catalan culture is the most diverse in Spain and I am proud of it. I don’t need any excuse or historical event to wish for independence, since we are so hated not doubt we would be much better out of Spain. Moreover, I learnt Spanish as well as Catalan languages and I have never had any problem with the language, nor I know of anyone who has. So, I don’t understand why is such an issue to people who does not live in Catalonia. At the end of the day both languages are very similar .

  11. F J Fernandez on

    Note the attitude of those against Catalan independence who reason their thoughts via insults and threats. Their argument is one of violence and reason by force, features all common of dictatorships and imperialism. Not in Catalonia.

    • Lord Gamez on

      Oh, you are so plainly ignorant.

      The catalans are [trying] to force Castillian/Spanish out of the schools, and they are forcing people to know the crappy catalan language to get a job in the Spanish province; eventhough, the TLC and the Supreme Court ordered that these actions are unconstitutional and must be halted. The catalans are not following the law they are disobeying the law and threatening the Spanish government every time they tell the catalan government to stop their rebellious attitude. It is a rebellion, A REBELLION!!! catalonia will be punish and they will lose their autonomy AGAIN! It will probably be the last time in Spain if the catalans will ever have a home to speak their dog language again.

      This is joke to think that the catalans aren’t trying to be dictorial and oppressive in an attempt in forcing the Spanish to understand their gutter-catalan dog language. WHO IN THE GOD DAMN WORLD UNDERSTANDS IT!!! NOBODY!!! There are over five hundered million people who speak Spanish and live/work/and make love in this language. The best you can do with catalan is wash car windows under a bridge in barcelona.

      Stupid seccessionist pig. The catalans should be grateful that the Spanish allowed the language to be taught and spoken in the Spanish Province of catalunya.

      • F J Fernandez on

        How funny: A Spaniard accusing of “forcing” catalan into schools. Didn’t Spaniards force Spanish into the Phillipines, Cuba, (where no natives were left alive. You will not see a single native in Cuba but Spanish descendants and West Africans), the whole of Latin America,… Of course Spanish is spoken worldwide, … where are the native languages of South America? Killed by Spaniards perhaps? Catalans only want to use their language and keep it alive. We are not impossing Catalan to any one. So, take your brave army and go conquer, … dunno … Gibraltar (?)

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  13. F J Fernandez on

    For some basic information in English, please check out on you tube Catalonia: The future is another country.

  14. Lord Gamez on

    Oh, the poor little catalan doesn’t recall the Mighty SPANISH EMPIRE. You were probably absent during the lectures in your pathetic catalan school. Of course, you should realize that every European country practiced Imperialism for several centuries. The English, French, and even the Portuguese spread their languages all over the world, just like the Spanish. The catalans were part of this practice too fighting and spreading Spanish all over the world you nimrod. Hahahaha

    I guess you may be a pacifist, huh? No wonder you catalans feel conquered and raped for the past 600 years. I recommend you get to your local library and read up on the Spanish Empire and realize the Natives of the conqured nations of days gone by were assimiliated and actually join the Spanish. They speak Spanish because they love the culture more than you can ever realize. They were not shut out of the Spanish communities and placed in little reservations and left to rott and die like in some English old colonial lands [ie Australia, Canada, America, & South Africa] in which they practiced Imperialism. The Spanish accepted the natives, just like they are accepting you catalans too. Remember you seccesionist dog, the catalan language and culture exist by the grace of the Spanish people. It can be easily squashed like it has been done before. Hahahahaha

    Think about that.

    • F J Fernandez on

      I want to answer but I don’t know where to start, … “The Spanish accepted the natives, …” till they fought for freedom perhaps? (I went to the library and I read it somewhere)

      “… catalan culture exist by the grace of Spanish people …” meaning Franco could in fact have killed many more, right?

      Speechless mate, speechless.

      • FJ Fernandez,

        I don’t understand why you waste your time responding to the comments of an ignorant redneck like Lord Gamez. Can’t you see he’s only provoking you?. You can’t reason with these kind of people. Better employ your energy somewhere else, explaining the what, why and how to people with an open mind and reasoned arguments to either support or reject the Catalan independence cause.

        Btw, I applaude your opening lines because they truly embody the ‘on-the-ground’ general feeling of most inhabitants in Catalonia which parents/grandparents are not of Catalan origin, be Spanish, South American or North African -our main sources of immigration.

        Albeit my own origins are deeply rooted in Catalan history, I have always agreed with the thesis that ‘a Catalan is someone who lives in and loves Catalonia no matter his/her origin’… and I am sure this tune must be familiar to those readers living in the other ‘side of the pond’ ;). We’ve always been a welcoming land and we’ll continue to always to be, after all it’s in our DNA. That’s why I feel very proud to have compatriots from different cultures which, no doubt, enrich our own.

        And, as you say, the truth is that many Catalans with ties to Spain (family, origins, etc) are becoming ever more aware that, at the end of the day, what they want is a better future for them and their families living in Catalonia. And given the constant disparagement, both political and financial, towards Catalans from the other territories in the Spanish state, the best and only course of action towards ensuring this well-being is probably to peacefully secede into an independent state much like Slovakia did in 1992 from the former Czechoslovakia. Let’s sort out together our own future, our own problems and our own dreams.

        • Lord Gamez on

          The catalan region is free and prosperous and is inhabitated , so true, by many Spanish from all over Spain and from others from around the world; however, do not try to be [sneaky] and write here that catalonia must secede from Spain in order to protect its culture. That culture is SPANISH!!!

          It is 600 years of Spanish Culture and in which a minority of seccesionist fools are trying to persuade the sheep to follow them to their doom. The Spanish military will fall onto the region and devour the fools quite easy.

          It is ashame that Spain is trying to be so democratic and even creating autonomy regions in which they too should practice democracy, but some seccessionst minorities try so damn hard to undermine the democracy they pretend to cherish. In my opinion Spain should realize that democracy will not work for autonomy regions and should reset itself and start anew as a centralize super state like it should have maintained since the beginning of its creation. I guess LIVE AND LET LEARN.

          Also, the origin of a Redkneck is of a person who is loyal and works hard for the betterment for his family and country.

  15. Lord Gamez on

    The old colonial states are free, but they continue keeping the Spanish Culture. How would you interpret that little observation?

    catalan culture is a failed attempt to overthrow Spanish Unity for the past 600 years. It will never happened. You should get over it and realize your place and accept your inferioty.

    That is where you should start and begin accepting your limitations. You poor seccesionist dog.


  16. Lord Gamez on

    So, the catalan seccessionist dogs have marched through barcelona with their seccessionist flags and banners today for nothing. I believe nothing will happen afterwars, like usual. If the catalans were serious after 600 years why don’t they begin bombing and killing Spanish police and with their guns proclaim actual independence!!!


    If you happen to observe most of their seccessionist leaders and claiments they were all fat old men, and WOMEN. Hahahahahahahaha

    God DAMN!!! It will be a true ethnic cleansing if the Spanish Army was required to go in and wipe these dogs off the face of the Earth. GOD DAMN!!! IT IS HILAREOUS!!! SE DE JODEN ESTOS HIJAS DE PUTAS, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mujeresconclase on

    Genial reportaje pero como siempre estamos divididos en dos partes. Creo que el tema de catalunia nunca sera resuelto a gusto de todos.