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The current ruling center right PP loses its absolute  majority as expected but is still the leading party. The center left PSOE comes in second and the new left wing party Podemos comes in a very close third. the new center-right Ciudadanos party comes a more distant fourth.

The two big center-right parties don’t command an absolute majority. Podemos did better than in the polls. It’s important to remember that this is a big political change in Spain, and the polls may certainly be off the mark.

In the popular vote, Podemos passes PSOE (new left beats old left). Here are the percentage points: 28% for PP, 21.7% for Podemos, 20.5% for PSOE, 15.4% for Ciudadanos.

Here are the results according to the Spanish television, RTVE:  PP 114-118,, PSOE 81-85, Podemos 76-80, CVs 47-51. There are 350 seats in Spain’s Congreso de Diputados and there are lots of small parties.

Here are more results:

  • PP: 114-118 diputados
  • PSOE: 81-85 diputados
  • Podemos: 76-80 diputados
  • Ciudadanos: 47-50 diputados
  • ERC: 9-11 diputados
  • Democràcia i Llibertat: 6-7 diputados
  • PNB: 4-5 diputados
  • IU-Unidad Popular: 3-4 diputados
  • EH Bildu: 3-4 diputados
  • Coalición Canaria: 0-1 diputados
  • Geroa Bai: 0-1 diputados

Note that many of the smaller parties represent Spain’s various regions, first and foremost, Catalonia.

And according to another poll:

  • PP: 121-124 diputados
  • PSOE: 79-83 diputados
  • Podemos: 70-74 diputados
  • Ciudadanos: 46-50 diputados

Also this poll show no majority for neither the PP-Ciudadanos nor for PSOE-Podemos.