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Trader Meet Up is a leader in virtual expos that’s known for connecting traders and brokers; and in July, they plan to do just that!

The event is held on July 28th and RSVPs are open. Here are all the details.

If you’re a day trader, daily pips, stories, and other notifications of breaking news are nothing new to you; as you watch them regularly to predict the market. All of this is in attempt to find that one currency that’s breaking in the market; giving you the opportunity to realize massive gains. Trader Meetup is a new concept that gives you the tools needed to not only identify, but take advantage of these breaks! At Trader Meetup, you’ll meet other traders just like you, have the opportunity to discus positions, and be introduced to several different platforms that could help you to become more efficient in the market! Best of all, it’s all free!


Trader Meet Up will be hosting an online expo designed to bring brokers and traders together to share their experiences, knowledge, strategies, and more!

“This is the only business to consumer online event in the forex world,” a company spokesman for Trader Meet Up Said.

If you want to get in with the market movers and find out what they’re doing, your opportunity comes on July 28th! The event is focused on online traders within the forex community and is designed to give traders and brokers the opportunity to connect through a simple, yet intuitive virtual platform.

If you’re interested in participating in the event, RSVP for free tickets today!


Benefits Of Joining The Upcoming Event

  • 100% Free Connections – At the 100% free event, traders and brokers have the opportunity to make connections that they may not have otherwise had.
  • Professional Attendants – The professional attendees for the event include more than 100 forex and binary options brokers from around the world.
  • Easy To Attend – If you’re looking to take advantage of the event, all you’ll need is a computer and an internet connection!
  • Perfect Timing – Trader Meet Up made the decision to hold the event in the summer at a time where we’re seeing a rapid increase in volume in the forex industry.
  • Live Workshops – Traders looking for the opportunity to learn will be offered live workshops and lectures from some of the top money makers in the forex market!
  • Exclusive Offers- The event will feature in exclusive offers, promotions, prizes and more!
  • Get Social – The event will also feature an interactive lounge for traders looking to connect with others with a passion for forex and binary options trading.

“Our aim is to deliver an online platform where traders from across the world can attend without leaving their home or office and conduct business exactly how they would at any physical exhibition…it is extremely time efficient and cost effective. Traders can log in and out when they like for the whole 24 hours.”

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