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This show is all about the ECB’s policy: what’s going on and preparing you for the huge December decision with two trade ideas: EUR/USD and German bunds.

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  1. What the ECB did so far: A negative deposit rate and QE have helped but not enough. We discuss the successes and the failures so far.  The failures are not only the ECB’s fault.
  2. Preparing for December: Is everything already priced in? Not exactly. In addition, the Fed  certainly has an impact, but nothing will stop Draghi from over-delivering.
  3. ECB trade opportunities:  Towards December, we point out to two trade opportunities, starting from the EUR/USD currency pair and  moving on to German bunds, explaining why they are not overpriced.
  4. Wider implications: The ECB’s QE has a big impact on corporations.  Helping growth or sowing the seeds for the next crisis? And are central banks overreaching because of the lack of fiscal stimulus?

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