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Real Clear Politics follow the latest polls in the US presidential elections and present their average. For the first time ever, Republican Donald Trump has a marginal lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the latest average.

Some polling firms show one candidate leading and the other show the other one. And, the margin is marginal, 0.2%. However, the trend in all these polls is clear: Trump is closing the gap.

If you compare polls from the same news outlet, you can see things are going in Trump’s favor. For  example, NBC shows Clinton at +3 now and +11 in April. Fox shows Trump at +3 now and Clinton at +7 in April.

And the average is showing a closing gap, seen in the graph below.

For markets, this means a growing uncertainty about the elections. More:  Clinton Continuation vs. Donald Disruption – what the race means for currencies

RCP average May 22 23 2016 Trump leads