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At the Group of 20 summit from November 30th to December  1st, US President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jingping are expected to have a “sidelines meeting” amidst the G20 events, but the meeting is unlikely to see any forward momentum between the two sides.

China’s ‘Made in China 2025′ plan, a roadmap by the Chinese government to see Chinese interests taking the lead in key global industries by 2025 runs directly counter to the US’ constant stream of demands that the Chinese government interfere less in the nation’s business interests, and according to reported sources within the US administration, the White House is considering axing any talk of trade from the Trump’s shortlist in his meeting with Xi.

Chinese officials have been downplaying the significance of Made in China 2025, but the blueprint sees China’s strategy to dominate industries including robotics, aerospace, new-energy vehicles, and are showing growing interest in having foreign firms involved as well, and Shanghai has shown no willingness to abandon the industrial growth project in order to appease the current US administration.