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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman crossed the wires in the last minutes saying the idea that the polling day could be moved if a general election is called was simply wrong. “It’s not possible after parliament dissolved,” the spokesman added. Below are some additional comments, as reported by Reuters.

“We are clear that the election would have to be concluded before the EU  summit.”

“The point the PM  made is that the government does not want an election, they want to go ahead negotiating with Brussels.”

“Minds are focused on avoiding a parliamentary defeat and persuading MPs not to destroy the PM’s negotiating position.”

“EUleaders now saying they working with us to find solutions, David Frost will hold further talks this week.”

“The PM  has been meeting conservative party colleagues today.”

“The PM’s mood is determined, he wants to get on with delivering the referendum result and leaving the EU on October  31 ideally with a deal.”

“The bill to seize control of parliamentary business would force govt to accept the EU terms for an extension, it is a blueprint for legislative purgatory.”

The GBP/USD pair pulled away modestly from lows on these comments and was last seen trading at 1.2005, losing 0.5% on the day.