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Brexit tensions will be back on the rise this week after a brief reprieve, with the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May signaling that the current middle-ground offer being pushed by the European Union is worse than if Britain underwent a no-deal hard Brexit, as reported by Reuters.

Key highlights

PM May has reiterated her statement that no deal is better than a bad deal when it comes to Brexit, and the current offering on the table by EU leaders in Brussels, specifically when it comes to the Northern Ireland border disagreement; the EU is specifically pushing for a situation where Northern Ireland remains in a separate customs union than the rest of the UK, essentially fracturing the economic unity of England, Wales, and Scotland.

PM May’s current stance also digs a line in the sand on any alternative proposal from hard-line Brexiteers within her own parliament, a move that is sure to draw further ire from Eurosceptics that populate her own ruling party.

The European Council President Donal Tusk continues to issue statements that the EU wishes to strike a successful deal with the UK, and while PM May welcome the positive-leaning statements, she is also quick to retort that the onus is ultimately on the EU to issue a proposal that will unlock the standstill currently seen on the latest Chequers proposal.

“May said the opposition Labour Party’s Brexit plans were not in the national interest after Labour’s Brexit policy chief said the party was likely to vote against any deal she reaches with the European Union.  Even if May is able to secure a deal on Brexit with Brussels, it is far from certain she will be able to get the terms approved by parliament. In addition to Labour lawmakers, many in her own party also disagree with her exit plans.” – Reuters