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The flow of Brexit-centric headlines continues through the week, and the UK Times is out with notes on UK Prime Minister Theresa, who looks set to chain down her own Conservative party within the UK’s parliament in an effort to push through a Brexit compromise.

Key highlights(via The UK Times)

The prime minister will hold an extended discussion on Brexit at the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the eve of her trip to Brussels, where she hopes to outline a compromise deal on the Irish border.

The discussion is expected to include a commitment to keep the whole of the UK in an effective customs union with the EU after Brexit, but with a “clear process” of steps to exit.

A government source said that ministers feared they could be bounced into swallowing several potential changes to the customs arrangement and the areas of EU law that the UK must follow after Brexit.  

Two sources said that Britain could be ready to concede that it would offer to follow EU social and environmental laws and possibly those on labour standards. However, some cabinet Brexiteers have suggested that they would resign over this.