US President Donald Trump: I feel like, perfect
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US President Donald Trump: I feel like, perfect

In his latest tweeted video message, US President Donald Trump sounds optimistic about getting the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine just after the election in November. The Republican leader also mentioned that he feels perfect now while seeing the virus as a blessing for him.

Key quotes

Felt great almost immediately after Regeneron.

For me it wasn’t therapeutic, it made me better; I call it a cure, will make it free to use.

We have many companies that are in the final stages.

We’re going to have a very great vaccine shortly.

I think we should have it before the election but frankly the politics gets involved and that’s ok, they want to play their games, so it’s going to be right after the election.

FDA is approving things in weeks that used to take years.

I feel like, perfect.

This was China’s fault, they’re going to pay a big price.

Market implications

Although the news favors the market’s risk-on sentiment, S&P 500 Futures begin Thursday’s moves nearly unchanged above 3,400. The reason for inactivity could be traces from traders’ cautious mood ahead of the US Vice Presidential Debate, up at 01:00 GMT.

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