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Reuters quotes excerpts from the letter written by the US Senate Democratic leader  Schumer to the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo late-Monday, citing that he would oppose any post-Brexit US-UK trade deal if it undermined the Good Friday agreement.

The letter read: “The notion that America would now endorse a policy or agreement that undermines the success of the Good Friday Agreement is profoundly counterproductive and risks exacerbating sectarian polarization and eroding self-determination – and unleashing the potential for violence that comes with that reality. This cannot be allowed to happen,”  

The Good Friday agreement helped end three decades of violence in Northern Ireland, dismantling all physical border infrastructure between European Union member Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The pound is likely to remain under pressure amid looming Brexit uncertainty combined with increased nervousness ahead of the US President Trump and the UK PM Johnson’s meeting at the G7 Summit this weekend.

The two leaders will meet to discuss trade among other things.

  • US Pres. Trump: Great discussion with UK PM  Johnson on Brexit and US-UK free trade deal